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An outdoor spa is a relaxing, therapeutic, and extremely popular addition to any home. Not only can it boost your home’s value, but it also creates lasting changes in your health and wellbeing. Enjoy watching the clear Idaho skies from your backyard, immersed in the soothing, therapeutic warmth of your very own outdoor spa.

Discovering the Many Benefits of Spa Treatments

No matter what time of the year, installing a spa right outside your door makes a relaxed and healthier lifestyle much easier – and more enjoyable, too. There are quite a number of benefits to hydro- and heat-therapy, and hot tubs provide both. Here are just some of the far-reaching effects of regular spa treatments:

  • De-tension muscles and soft tissues
  • Improve sleep cycles
  • Boost the heart rate
  • Burn calories
  • Lower stress

How these benefits are experienced by each individual will vary; but by and large, not much instills a greater sense of relaxation and comfort than an easily accessible spa right there at your home.

A Relaxed Lifestyle in Meridian, Idaho

Many choose to live in our quiet Meridian community because it’s a beautiful and safe place to raise one’s family. Some just like the peace and quiet. With low levels of light pollution and clean air, we are fortunate to have such innately beautiful outdoor settings. Seeing the stars in the clear sky is something that those in denser urban areas don’t get to enjoy, and we have it right in our backyards.

With the modern lifestyle, many of us limit our time spent outdoors (and all the more during cold weather). A hot tub is a great way to get those outdoor cravings met – and do something kind for yourself – any time of the year. Even in the winter, a patio spa is a great way to get that sense of natural spaciousness Idaho is known for, and all without leaving home.

Exclusive High-End Spas in Meridian

Patio Life is your exclusive dealer of Dimension One Spas® in the Meridian, Idaho, area. Since 1977, Dimension One Spas® has been patenting innovative features, winning awards, and becoming a highly renowned crowd-pleaser in the deluxe hot tub industry. With many models of Dimension One Spas® proudly on display at our Meridian showroom, there is sure to be something to please everyone.

  • The Reflections® Collection
    These uniquely shaped hydronomic hot tubs are exceptionally engineered. Well-placed accent jets, full-body hydro-massage, and adjustable Jet Therapy pillows allow users to customize their experience to their heart’s content. It makes an exceptional choice for hydrotherapy needs, and a stylish design further sets the Reflections® Collection series apart.
  • The @Home® Collection
    With a range of performance options for any budget, the @Home® Collection’s open seating and well-equipped hydrotherapy features come in a wide variety of options. Model names such as The Dream™, the Journey™, the Meridian™, the Sojourn™, and the Wayfarer™ tell you exactly what you’re getting into as you step into the soothing waters within. For a truly unique and fun hot tub experience, be sure to explore the adjustable waterfall features on select models.
  • The Bay® Collection
    Couples will enjoy dual side-by-side seating, lighting and fountain effects, and more for a truly bonding experience together at home. The Dynamic Massage Sequencer melts tension with finely calculated rhythms, leaving blissful comfort in its wake. The Bay® Collection has various-sized models for high-capacity seating; the Lotus Bay®, the Amore Bay®, and the gorgeous Sarena Bay® seat 6, 7, and 8 people, respectively.

We go beyond spa sales by providing spa services, ongoing customer care, and in-depth how-to guides. It’s this impeccable customer service that makes Dimension One Spas® confident in our role as their exclusive dealer for Meridian and the surrounding Idaho region – in fact, Patio Life is just one of a small handful of approved Dimension One Spas® dealers in the country.

A Premier Spa Dealer Right Here in Meridian, Idaho

Hot tubs are a fantastic way to boost your home’s value while providing long-lasting relaxation sure to be felt throughout the day. Patio Life is proud and honored to provide the highest quality hot tubs on the market for our Meridian community. Visit our showroom or contact us online; we look forward to hearing about what you are looking for in a spa, and how we can help.