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Our Essential Guide to Hot Tubs

Before purchasing a new hot tub, read our Essential Hot Tub Guide for advice and answers to common hot tub questions.

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What are the Similarities and Differences Between a Hot Tub, Spa, and Jacuzzi?

You may have heard the words "hot tub," "spa," and "Jacuzzi" used interchangeably because they share some similarities. The terms all describe a large tub that is filled with hot water that is used as a place to relax, entertain, unwind, and soothe sore muscles — so how are they different?

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What is a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are traditionally above ground and come in a wide variety of styles. They are portable, self-contained units, do not need any external electronics or plumbing, and can be filled with a basic garden hose and treated with chemicals to make sure the water is safe for everyday use.

What is a Spa?

When you think of a spa, a relaxing destination may come to mind. Spas have a long history of being healthy places to pamper yourself, but the kind of spa you may have in your back yard is a little different. Spas are sometimes built in-ground or into a deck and are occasionally built attached to or next to a pool and share the same plumbing system. They can also be portable and above ground.

What is a Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is a specific brand of hot tubs but has been genericized over time.

Both spas and hot tubs can fit between two and eight people, depending on the size you purchase, and can be enjoyed year-round.

What to Look For and Consider When Purchasing a Hot Tub?

There are lots of things you should look for in a hot tub in addition to a reasonable price.

Hot Tub Quality

When you buy a hot tub, it is not always the best bet to choose the cheapest option. Instead, you should select a model made from high-quality materials and parts, so that you can continue to enjoy your hot tub for many years to come.

Hot Tub Entertainment

If you are buying a hot tub as a spot for entertaining, keep in mind how many people you want to fit in the tub. The largest models can fit up to eight people comfortably.

Hot Tub Location

If you are choosing a larger size hot tub for entertaining, you will want to make sure the location you have selected on your property can accommodate a large spa.

Hot Tub Jet

If your intentions for purchasing a hot tub are purely about relaxation, you will want to focus on how many jets it has and how powerful they are. Jets are an essential feature for helping you unwind and relax sore muscles.

Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Whatever features are a top priority for your new hot tub, be sure you also consider its energy efficiency rating.

Which Hot Tub or Spa Brand Should I Choose?

There are so many hot tubs on the market that it can be a little overwhelming when it comes time to make a choice. To make this easier, always choose a reputable brand known for creating high-quality and long-lasting tubs. A great brand should offer you a warranty in case you encounter any problems down the line. Good hot tub and spa brands will create a product that is also easy to enjoy and maintain.

At Patio Life, we love Dimension One Spas. We recommend them because they have been creating top-quality hot tubs for over 40 years and have an established reputation of luxury at a price that can fit into many people’s budgets.

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When Should You Buy a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are great because you control their temperature, which means they can be used year-round, even in the middle of a chilly winter! If you're wondering when the best time of year to buy a hot tub in Boise is, check out our blog on the topic. It is essential to shop around, compare prices and models, and always buy your hot tub from an experienced and reliable hot tub dealer.

How do You Prepare Your Space For a Spa or Hot Tub?

Before you decide which hot tub to purchase, it is crucial to have your space adequately prepared. First, make sure you know exactly where you will put the spa or hot tub, and measure the area to understand what can fit. You want to make sure the site you choose is flat, level, and solid enough to hold the spa, the water inside it, and anybody using it. This can add up to a few thousand pounds.

Choose an area that is close to both the power and water supplies, but clear of trees, powerlines, and anything else that may hinder getting into and out of the hot tub. And remember, you will have to drain and refill your spa a few times a year, so it can be helpful to locate your hot tub or spa in an area that has good drainage.

Flatten out any bumps, remove large rocks, fill in holes in the area, and cover the entire space in a four- to six-inch layer of gravel or concrete. Make this area as smooth and level as you can. Once this is prepared, you will be ready to set up your hot tub or spa.

How do You Properly Maintain a Hot Tub or Spa?

Once you have invested in a hot tub or spa, you will need to know how to maintain it. While hot tub maintenance is not incredibly time-consuming or complicated, it does have to be done regularly to keep your hot tub clean and safe to use. It is important to test your water using test strips regularly to ensure you have the right balance of chemicals. A test strip can check the levels of chemicals like chlorine and bromine in your tub so that you can adjust them to keep your water healthy. You can add more chemicals as needed, as these kill any germs and microbes that may be living in your water.

You will also need to drain and refill your tub a few times a year to keep the water fresh and clear out the plumbing systems. Scum called biofilm can sometimes build up within your tub's systems and can cause clogs or other issues, so it is important to clean them out regularly. And a good filter will catch larger pieces of debris that may end up in the water of your tub. You will need to check and clean your filter regularly. When your hot tub is not in use, keeping it covered can help keep the water clean.

If you prefer not to hassle with hot tub maintenance personally, Patio Life has you covered. We offer several spa valet service options that range from weekly to monthly visits. We can test and balance your water, check your filter cleanliness, make sure all jets and equipment are working correctly, clean any debris from the water, and clean the cover. Out VIP package even includes a drain, refill, and filter change every four months!

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How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost to Run and Maintain Monthly?

While most people usually look at the sticker price of the hot tub, it is necessary to keep in mind that you will need additional funds to maintain your tub. The cost of powering your tub is usually under a dollar a day, but it is contingent upon the price of your electricity. Depending on the size of your tub, this may add a few cents to your monthly maintenance bill.

The chemicals you need to add to your pool to keep it clean are another expense to consider. While how much you will need to spend on chemicals depends on how much you use your tub, in general, you can expect these chemicals to cost between $10 and $20 a month. You will also occasionally need to replace a filter or another part, leading to additional costs, but this is not usually required monthly.

What are the Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub?

If you have ever soaked in a hot tub, you know that one of the most significant benefits is relaxation. The warm water and jets can help your stress melt away, and it is the perfect place to unwind after you have had a long day. If you work out and exercise often, hot tubs can soothe tired or achy muscles and can also help relieve chronic pain from conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. When you use your hot tub regularly, you will find that you have less anxiety and stress and get deeper, more rejuvinating sleep.

Hot tubs are also the perfect spot for entertaining your friends and family. You can host a gathering during any season, and your guests can enjoy splashing and socializing in your tub no matter the weather. And because they are so inexpensive to maintain monthly, you can get hours of fun and enjoyment without breaking the bank.

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