Hot Tubs in Meridian

Home is your private place, and your wellness should be your top priority. One of the best ways to have relaxation time is with a hot tub, and as a proud dealer of Coast Spas, the world’s best built spas, Patio Life is proud to offer you the opportunity to focus and indulge in the little moments—because those are the ones that matter. We are a different kind of spa dealer: With the emphasis on focusing on building a lifelong relationship with you as a client in the Meridian area, we believe you will see the difference for yourself almost immediately. If you are looking for the opportunity to take extra care of yourself or entertain friends in a unique, outdoor setting, why not look into our luxury hot tub options in the area and shop our inventory of Coast Spas?

Experience the Patio Life Difference

At Patio Life we pride ourselves on being a different kind of spa dealer.  We treat our customers like friends which means we strive to give our customers the best possible pricing and features.  All of Patio Life’s spas are sold with full insulation, ozonator, steps, cover, cover lifter, and start up spa care products included in our prices.  When you buy a Coast Spa you are making an investment in the best spa in the world. Your experience buying your spa should match your investment.

Coast Spa hot tubs

We are your exclusive Boise dealer for all of Coast Spa’s hot tub options. With a track record of over 2 decades of unparalleled excellence, Coast Spa is known for having world’s best spas: They are the only spas manufactured in an ISO certified facility, the highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufacturing. At Patio Life, we believe in offering nothing but the very best, which is exactly what Coast Spa provides.

As World’s Best Built Spas®, Coast Spa offers an unmatched blend of hydrotherapy, relaxation, and entertainment, all in the most innovative ways and with the highest quality of Canadian craftsmanship. Treat yourself to nothing but the absolute best, which is precisely what you deserve, when you choose Patio Life and Coast Spa’s hot tub treatment. Just some of the Coast Spa hot tub options we offer include the classic Traditional Spa, the impossibly luxurious Cascade Spa, and the Northwind Hot Tubs. Visit us today to find out which option is the perfect match for you. We also offer stylish Coast Spa umbrellas for protection from rain or sun, spa chemicals for maintenance, and swimwear materials such as goggles and pool games to accessorize your outdoor hot tub experience.

Our hot tub services

Once you choose your Coast Spa hot tub, we provide fast and efficient delivery and hook-up services: All you need to take care of is the necessary plumbing work and the concrete groundwork that the hot tub will sit on. Of course, we can answer general inquiries if you need assistance. To complement your hot tub experience, we also offer you a comprehensive hot tub service, which includes an extensive warranty and repair services. On top of that, you do not need to look any further to find a maintenance team: Our professional hot tub valet services allow you to have your hot tub consistently kept in its original pristine condition, with weekly, biweekly, or monthly options. We understand that having an outdoor hot tub can entail a host of additional concerns, especially when it comes to maintenance, so put your worries to rest. Let us take care of all your concerns for you, so you can focus on what’s important: Indulging yourself and entertaining your friends.

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Coast Spas in Meridian

At Patio Life, we believe in offering nothing but the absolute best to our customers. That’s why we are excited to be the exclusive Boise dealer for Coast Spas,  the world’s best spas and hot tubs! Crafted in Vancouver BC, Coast Spas are the only spas in the world that are manufactured in an ISO-certified … Continue reading Coast Spas in Meridian

Patio Life’s Exclusive Hot Tub Features

Coast Spas has an extensive list of exclusive and patented features that cannot be found on any other spa in the world, including: Cyclonic filtration for cleaner spa water and easier maintenance Infinity edge models 24″ waterfall features Owens Corning Fiberglass reinforced shells for increased strength and durability

Luxury Hot Tubs in Meridian

Hot Tub Water Care in Meridian

Crystal clear, clean spa water doesn’t have to be hard.  When you buy a Coast Spa you are already ahead of the game with state of the art and patented Hydro Cyclonic filtration.  Patio Life exclusively sells Leisure Time spa care products which makes maintaining your spa water even easier.  The below video explains how … Continue reading Hot Tub Water Care in Meridian

Luxury Hot Tub in Meridian

Hot Tub & Spa Services in Meridian

At Patio Life, we proudly service and repair all spas we sell from our in-house service department. We are proud to offer nothing but the best in hot tubs and spas, which is why we exclusively offer Coast Spas hot tubs throughout the Meridian area. Our service technicians are factory trained and certified to complete … Continue reading Hot Tub & Spa Services in Meridian

Patio Life Offers Spa Valet Packages in Meridian

Spa Valet Packages in Meridian

Patio Life offers our exclusive Spa Valet services.  More than just spa maintenance, our Spa Valet packages provide an enhanced level of spa services.  Patio Life proudly offers the following Spa Valet packages: VIP:  $199/month*.  Patio Life’s exclusive VIP Spa Valet packages includes a weekly visit to your home to pamper your spa in luxury.  During … Continue reading Spa Valet Packages in Meridian