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Tropitone Collection

Embellish your outdoors with Patio Life's collection of elegant Tropitone outdoor furniture. Tropitone has a reputation for making comfy, stylish, and high-quality products for use in homes and entertainment facilities. Their products are robust and rugged because they are specifically designed for commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Tropitone furniture is suitable for gardens, patios, poolside sitting, dining, balcony space, bars, and VIP rooms.

Umbrellas & Cabanas

Tropitone umbrellas and cabanas are made of rigid material to withstand the harsh conditions in the outdoor environment. The design demonstrates superior craftsmanship and the most advanced materials. All the umbrellas and cabanas use the Basta Sole technology, which has a reputation for producing elegant, intricately constructed umbrellas that achieve the highest quality standards. This collection is perfect for use as floating fabric canopies that add shade, color, and shelter to your outdoor spaces.


The café collection includes a wide range of robust furniture that is both functional and durable. As is the case with all Tropitone products, café furniture is designed to provide maximum comfort while giving your outdoor space a stylish makeover. Tropitone's café seating is explicitly made for food service and poolside spaces with style and comfort that makes every event special.

Cast & Patterned Aluminum Furniture

Cast and patterned aluminum furniture is a collection featuring intricate details and stylish finishes. Tropitone uses a higher-grade alloy than its peers to produce furniture that is corrosion resistant. The furniture features sophisticated designs ranging from turned arm connections on the chairs and chaise lounges to the elegant sweeping legs used on the outdoor tables.

Tropitone Cushions and slings


Tropitone uses the advanced Relax plus cushion to bring indoor comfort to the outdoor spaces by utilizing materials suitable for outdoor environments. The superior craftsmanship used on the cushions and other deep seating products ensures that the love seats, dining seats, loungers, and chaise lounges provide a refreshing experience whenever they are used.


Tropitone slings are the perfect remedy for relaxing and refreshing your body in a carefree style. The sling seats are robust, comfy, and elegantly designed to complement your outdoor décor. The slings have advanced designer fabrics that are both comfortable and durable.

Fire Products

Tropitone's fire products are elegant, functional, and blend well with other product offerings. All the fire products are designed with safety in mind and have been certified by an independent agency.

Modular Seating

Tropitone patio furniture is designed to allow for the versatility required for outdoor seating. The modular seat designs ensure that you can adjust your furniture to suit the occasion. The sofas, chairs, lounges, and accessories can accommodate a variety of seating arrangements. This makes your outdoor spaces attractive and comfortable irrespective of the occasion. 

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