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Patio Furniture Boise, Idaho

The joy of winding down in the great outdoors of Boise from the comfort of your patio is unmatched. It’s a deeply relaxing way to enjoy some much-deserved leisure time while bringing friends and family together. If you’re looking to create a luxury outdoor experience with the perfect patio furniture and accessories, you’ll need outdoor furniture built to withstand the dynamic climate of Idaho. Patio Life in Boise is proud to support the happiness and well-being of our community with a wide range of high-quality outdoor furniture options to suit your lifestyle.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Designed for Boise’s Climate

When making beautiful outdoor spaces that are elegant, functional, and comfortable, quality patio furnishings create a backyard recreation space that is sure to be the favorite neighborhood destination or the private outdoor oasis where you and your family find solace. Our local showroom is located near Boise, and has patio furniture built to handle all-season weather because your deck furnishings should withstand the powerful weather patterns particular to Boise, Idaho, throughout the year.

Large Stone Fireplace on a Patio next to Patio Furniture | Patio Life

The Dynamic Elements of Idaho

The great state of Idaho offers much to lovers of the great outdoors, and our seasons are known for a full spectrum of weather. It’s vital to use outdoor equipment that stands up to our heavy snowfalls, intense sun, significant rains, and dry spells. Boise’s broad climate requires products with materials that are highly water-resistant, resist deterioration in the direct sunlight, withstand heavy snow, and last under the consistent use you need them for. Read on to see which manufacturers we rely on to perform up to these standards in Boise’s unique and dynamic weather patterns.

A Wide Range of Patio Furniture Styles – All Built to Spec

We carry several patio furniture options to fulfill various needs and tastes. Take a look to see which is suitable for your property.

  • For a casual but upscale appearance, have a seat in a stylish patio chair from Polywood. Made from recycled materials and built to last, you can choose from a tasteful line of boutique models that are sure to match the style of your home.
  • Jensen Outdoor’s natural designs and innovative materials make it another exceptional choice for patio furniture. Their award-winning and environmentally conscious designers combine aesthetics with durability using naturally damage-resistant materials.
  • With a classy aesthetic, Homecrest’s modern but natural style is a trendy choice that matches well with anything – and Homecrest patio furniture has been known to last for over three decades!
  • The Tropitone patio furniture collection has a well-earned reputation for highly customizable and diverse product lines. They are often the select choice for entertainment and commercial facilities because they stand up exceptionally well to heavy use.

These are just some of the high-quality patio furniture and accessory options we’ve carefully selected to give you a fantastic selection of outdoor furnishings that can easily last for decades. See Patio Life’s easy and helpful seasonal maintenance tips to ensure that they last a lifetime.

Patio Life Offers Top-Brand Patio Furniture From a Family-Owned Boise Business

Patio Life is locally-owned, and we are committed to serving our customer’s patio-furnishing needs for many years to come. It fulfills us every time we hear members of the Boise community tell us about the fond memories they’ve created in their upgraded patio spaces. Contact us online, or visit our Boise, Idaho, showroom to find the perfect patio furniture for your lifestyle.