The Resort

MSRP: $18995.00

Discount : $3000.00

MSRP: $ 15995.00

The Resort offers a royal spa experience fit for royalty. With its distinctive curved design, it provides both comfort and outstanding hydrotherapy. This spa accommodates five people with multilevel seating, including two Adirondack Chairs. One chair boasts Lumbar H.O.T. Zone jets, while the other features Shoulder H.O.T. Zone jets, and both come with powerful leg and foot jets. Two deep therapy seats and an entry/cooldown seat complete the spa’s layout. Adding to the luxury is a Regal Whitewater-4 jet, bringing the total H.O.T. Zone count to three. Treat yourself to a truly indulgent spa destination!

Specialized Massage Seats

Our Specialized Massage Seats offer versatility and a range of options to suit your preferences. The Deep-Tissue Massage Seat, equipped with Target Touch jets, delivers a concentrated water stream perfect for addressing chronic pain or active lifestyles. For relaxation and balance, the Shiatsu Massage Seat features rotating Pulse Touch jets. The Relaxation Massage Seat, equipped with Multi-Touch jets, provides a gentle and consistent massage experience, making it an ideal spot to find peace and center yourself. Lastly, the Swedish Massage Seat combines deep-tissue massage with various sensations, offering an all-in-one therapy experience.

50 Therapy Jets |
5 Adults Seats

Quick Specs

  • Jets: 50
  • Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 36 in H
  • Dry Weight: 760 lbs (345 kg)
  • Wet Weight: 3762 lbs (1706 kg)

Exclusive Marquis Features

  • Deep-Tissue Massage Seat
  • Swedish Massage Seat


  • Size: 85 x 85 x 36 in
  • Capacity/Seating: 5
  • Jets: 50
  • Pumps: 2 pumps – 400 GPM
  • Electrical: 60 Hz, 240V/30 or 50A
  • Filtration: 2 filters
  • Water Capacity 360 gallons
  • Weight Dry/Full: 760/3762 lb

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Your Available Options

Bluetooth Audio System

With the ability to control audio playback from your Crown MQTouch™ color touch screen, the optional Bluetooth Audio System brings wireless music streaming to your Crown Collection hot tub. Twin speakers and a subwoofer help you relax or get the party started, and offer the soothing benefits of music therapy.

Price $750.00

Jewel™ Lighting

The Jewel LED lighting option adds dimmable multicolor LEDs to the spa interior, dimmable white LEDs to the exterior spa corners, and backlighting to the Dynamic Flow Control valve. Set the perfect mood and save your favorite presets for next time.

Price $525.00

Rejuvenate your skin with microslik®

Utilizing MicroSilk is akin to providing your entire body with an oxygen facial. Available as an option for all Crown hot tubs except the two-pump Wish model. MicroSilk aids in minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and may alleviate symptoms of specific skin conditions. Billions of oxygen microbubbles deeply penetrate skin pores and hair follicles, eliminating impurities and boosting blood circulation and moisture, resulting in refreshed and revitalized skin.

Price $1537.00

The Resort Standard Features

Crown Environments™

Designed and built by Marquis with the same exacting craftsmanship and durable materials, optional Crown Environments modules perfectly complement your Crown Collection hot tub and offer easier access and extra seating. A selection of entry steps and storage benches elevate your hot tub to an even higher level of sophistication.