The Broadway

MSRP: $8995.00

Discount : $1000.00

MSRP: $ 7995.00

Experience the sensation of winning a Tony Award as you step into your Broadway hot tub! Its inventive seating layout includes a wraparound seat, an exceptionally deep Director’s Chair with excellent leg therapy, another deep seat for comprehensive back therapy, and two additional seats at different heights. The entire household will relish the performance. To enhance the ambiance, there’s a soothing waterfall. You have the flexibility to place it almost anywhere with the convenient 120-volt plug-and-play system. Alternatively, you can opt for the 240V Performance Upgrade to elevate your therapy experience.*


Monthly Cost of Operation
*Based on $.109 per kW hour, 70° F average temperature.
Electrical cost based on spa use of 30 minutes duration, three times per week; filtration time of two hours two times per day (24 hour period); one hour SmartClean™ setting. 240Volt, 30-50 amp. Ask your authorized dealer or local utility for the energy rate in your area. Your cost of operation will vary depending upon personal settings of the software, frequency of use and ambient temperatures.

30 Therapy Jets |
5 Adults Seats

Quick Specs

  • Jets: 30
  • Dimensions: 77″ x 77″ x 36″ H
  • Dry Weight: 530 lbs (241 kg)
  • Wet Weight: 3115 lbs (1413 kg)

Exclusive Marquis Features


  • Size: 77″ X 77″ X 36″
  • Capacity/Seating: 5
  • Jets: 30
  • Pumps: 1 Pump = 120 Or 2 Pumps = 160 gpm
  • Electrical: 60Hz: 120V/15A Or 240V/30A/50A
  • Filtration: 1 filter
  • Water Capacity: 310 Gallons
  • Weight Dry/Full: 530/3115 Lbs

*Optional 240V Performance Upgrade available (USA and Canada only):

This optional upgrade replaces the standard 120 GPM (454 LPM) pump with a higher flow rate 160 GPM (606 LPM) pump. In addition, it upgrades the minimum electrical service requirements to 240 volts and 30 amps, and is also compatible with 50 amp service. Contact your local Marquis Dealer for more information.

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Your Available Options

Motown™ Audio with Bluetooth

Get down, boogie and bring some soul to your Elite experience with optional Motown Audio! This builds an audio receiver into the hot tub exterior and twin speakers into the topside area, with a subwoofer concealed inside the frame. Features include: FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices (such as a smartphone, tablet or iPod®). Control the system from the receiver panel, or manage playback from a mobile device paired with Bluetooth. Play audio directly from your mobile device, or connect it to the internet using your wireless data plan or Wi-Fi network. Then, stream your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts, internet radio and more! Optional add-ons include: a wireless RF remote control, and USB and 3.5mm auxiliary expansion ports for wired audio connection.

Price $750.00