Shop Coast Spas in Meridian

Our line of Coast Spas at Patio Life in Meridian, ID, is designed for optimal relaxation and wellness year-round. Whether you want to warm up in your patio hot tub in the middle of winter or take advantage of exercise at home in your luxurious swim spa, we have options that are right for you. Read on to learn about the high quality types of Coast Spas we carry for our customers.

Traditional Hot Tubs

Our Traditional hot tubs from Coast Spas feature classic design and ultimate relaxation. These spas are square or rectangular in shape and come with a range of jet configurations to best suit your preferences. The Classic series has a compact profile with 36” height, a hydro cyclonic filtration system, an Oversized Monster Skimmer, and more. Meanwhile, the Luxury series and Elite series have larger spa profiles of 40” height, with the addition of touchscreen spa control panels, smartphone remote control capability, self-cleaning sweeper jets, and more.

Cascade Hot Tubs

The Cascade hot tubs from Coast Spas offer breathtaking beauty and design with their vanishing, infinity-style edge. This design is unique in the world of portable hot tubs, offering a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing look for your spa. Plus, this feature is more than just beautiful: It also solves the problem of water displacement from many bathers in the spa and removes the need to have skimmers for your spa. Cascade hot tubs include adjustable waterfalls, beverage holders, programmable filtration, a digital float and fill gauge, multi-level ergonomic seating, and more.


Curve Hot Tubs

Coast Spas’ Curve spa series features a sleek and stylish raised back design, wrapping you in warmth and protecting you from the snow or rain. These spas come with the standard elements of all Coast Spas hot tubs, with programmable filtration, fiberglass shell, structural foam insulation, and plush headrests. They also feature the largest adjustable waterfall of any hot tub, with two feet of range. Choose from Classic, Elite, Luxury, or Wellness series to incorporate the amenities that are right for your lifestyle.


Patio Hot Tubs

The Coast Spas Patio hot tub line is compact and ready for any location, making these a great fit for your patio or another smaller space. These spas can simply be plugged into your household outlet and filled with water for easy, luxurious relaxation. Choose from compact circular, oval, and rectangular configurations, all built with the same high-quality craftsmanship evident in all of Coast Spas’ hot tubs.

Swim Spas

swim spas in boise and meridian

Our Swim spa series from Coast Spas is designed to unite the wellness benefits of exercise, massage therapy, and swimming all in one. These spas feature powerful swim resistance jets and the option for lower temperatures than hot tubs in order to give you a setting for swimming exercise without installing a full-size lap pool in your backyard. These sleek, beautiful spas come with row bars and exercise bands, as well as swim tether connection points to ensure you’re getting safe, effective exercise. Choose from different sizes and jet configurations to get the wellness benefits that are right for you.


Northwind Hot Tubs

northwind hot tubs in boise and meridian

Coast Spa’s NorthWind hot tubs are built to help you warm up in the dead of winter, offering relaxation and comfort in your own backyard or patio. These high-quality, affordable spas feature ergonomic seating, high-end spa pumps, digital controls, and hydrotherapy jets. They come with compact profile of 26” height and both 7’ and 8’ models. Choose from 25 jets or 44 jets depending on your desired level of massage, and enjoy straightforward, programmable filtration and digital control panels. These spas are built to withstand even the harshest northern winters.