Hot Tubs & Spa Maintenance Service

Boise - Meridian - Eagle

Year-Round Hot Tub And Spa Maintenance Services
In Boise, Idaho

Once you’ve chosen to purchase a Dimension One Spas® hot tub from our Meridian showroom, Patio Life provides fast, efficient delivery and hook-up services. All you need to worry about is the necessary plumbing work and the concrete groundwork that your hot tub will need. We’re available to answer general inquiries if you need assistance with either of those. To complement your hot tub experience with us, we also offer you a comprehensive hot tub service, which includes an extensive warranty and repair services. On top of that, you don’t need to look any further to find a reliable hot tub maintenance team. Our professional hot tub valet services allow you to have your hot tub consistently kept in its original pristine condition. Choose from our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance options for your peace of mind.

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We Can Regularly Balance, Sanitize, And Shock Your Hot Tub’s Water

Our maintenance services ensure your hot tub is adequately cleaned and maintained year-round. We can balance your water’s pH and alkaline levels, sanitize the water to control algae and bacteria, and shock the water to eliminate contaminants. By providing periodic maintenance, including filter inspections, we’ll ensure your Dimension One Spas® hot tub lasts for years to come. We can also provide opening and closing services if necessary, so be sure to contact us for more detailed information or to schedule our hot tub and spa maintenance services in Boise. Patio Life also offers a variety of spa valet packages to help with your spa and hot tub maintenance.

Our Hot Tub And Spa Warranties
Are Backed With Certified Repairs

Our experienced in-house service technicians are factory-trained and certified to provide all warranty and repair work for Dimension One Spas® hot tubs. Thanks to many years of experience, we can quickly and accurately troubleshoot any hot tub operational issues you may be encountering. Whether your water isn’t hot, there’s some kind of leakage, or you have an issue with your hot tub’s jets, we’ll have it all sorted out in no time. If you experience any trouble with your hot tub, simply give us a call, and we’ll diagnose the issue for you as soon as possible. With our extensive hot tub and spa warranties, you’ll never have to worry that your hot tub repair won’t be covered. We’ve got your back!

Take All The Stress
Out Of Your Hot Tub And Spa Maintenance Needs

At Patio Life, we understand that having an outdoor hot tub or spa can entail a host of additional concerns, especially when it comes to repairs and maintenance. It’s time to put all your worries to rest. Let us take care of all your hot tub and spa maintenance needs in the Meridian or Boise area, so you can focus on what’s important: indulging yourself and entertaining your friends and family. Contact us today for more details regarding our maintenance options or stop by our showroom to discuss your hot tub needs in person. We look forward to serving you!