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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Patio

Now that warmer weather is coming, many homeowners with patios are looking forward to sharing their outdoor space with friends and family or simply enjoying some alone time. Maybe you have a small patio and are wondering how to transform it into a beautiful area that looks larger than it is. Here are five tips for making the most of a small patio, along with some considerations and warnings.

1. Visually Enlarge Your Space

One of the best tricks for visually maximizing space is by buying collapsible or folding furniture. Furthermore, you could have a built-in wall bench. Another idea is using double-duty furniture, such as a storage bench that could be used for seating and a table as well as for storing items. Consider how storage seating is an ideal way to declutter, which results in making space seem visually larger.

2. Choose See-Through Furniture

An easy way to make a small patio seem larger is to use see-through furniture. Some of the best options are glass, acrylic or thin-line metal chairs and/or tables. When you have furniture that people can see through, it’s like creating an illusion of not taking up hardly any space.

3. Place Furniture in Corners

When you put furniture in corners, you can save space, while opening an area. For a more luxurious look, why not use a small corner couch. Just be sure you choose outdoor furniture or keep it covered when seasons change or when the furniture is not being used.

4. Hang Mirrors

Hanging a mirror is an excellent way to enlarge small spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Along with hanging a mirror, why not include several candles in strategic places. In addition to transforming a small space and making it look larger, mirrors can brighten an area. Consider how a mirror can also reflect your landscaping, which adds visual depth to a small patio.

5. Select Small Patio Chairs

By having small patio chairs, you’re more able to determine the amount of seating you want or need. You can easily coordinate patio dining chairs, such as accenting them with matching cushions. To depict a relaxing, comfortable feeling, use rocking chairs.

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Other Considerations and Warnings for Small Patios

  • Having a bright, colorful outdoor rug can help in creating a focal point that deemphasizes the smallness of your patio. Just be sure to select a rug that is suited for every season.
  • Use faux grass to give your small patio a spacious, outdoorsy feeling.
  • Make use of patio throw pillows, greenery, and string lights.
  • Hang vertical planters to grow a garden.

The Bottom Line for Small Patios

  • Don’t think that just because you have a small patio, you can’t do anything to make it look inviting and larger than it really is.
  • Having less space to work with means it’s even more critical that you reduce clutter.
  • When you have a small patio, it’s important to choose the right patio furniture and accessories so that you can visually enlarge your outdoor area.

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