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3 Reasons Why Outdoor Furniture is More Expensive Than Indoor Furniture

We love our beautiful Idaho summers, even though they may be short. Fabulous views are available from almost anywhere in Boise and the surrounding cities in the Treasure Valley which place makes living outside all the more enjoyable when you have outdoor furniture to sit and soak in the sunshine. Here are three main reasons why outdoor furniture is seemingly expensive.

Outdoor Furniture is Built to Withstand the Elements

Do you remember growing up with those lawn chairs with slats? Or maybe spaces between the heavy plastic where you alternatively burned yourself or slipped through while sitting down? They never seemed to last more than a season or two, and your parents had to buy new ones each year.

They could not withstand the sunlight because they were made of materials that ultimately disintegrate with the sun. Here are some of the materials that are now used to withstand the elements:

  • Aluminum: Almost all patio furniture framing is made of aluminum. Besides being lightweight, it resists rust and moisture damage, two main components we deal with here in Idaho.
  • Wicker Resin: When you think of wicker furniture, you might think of the wood like cane or rattan, but wicker is defined as a woven material. When you use Resin instead of natural materials, its resistance to the weather is considerably higher.
  • Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) is high-density polyethylene that does not swell, rot, splinter, fade, or warp like natural materials. It does not break down when exposed to humidity, water or sunlight, which is why it is used on riverfront properties.
  • Wood That Lasts: Pine, Cedar, or Fir are softer woods with natural weather resistances while Teak is a hardwood for durability. These materials can withstand the elements if they are sealed properly.


A chair in front of trees and bushes | My Patio Life Idaho

Quality Outdoor Furniture Looks Great Year After Year

Most of the above materials require only minimal care. Some tips to keep them looking great year after year include:

  • Usually, you need to spray them down after the pollen releases, however, you can also use a mild soap to wash them at the beginning of the season and at the end too.
  • Occasional touch-ups with paint if chips occur.
  • Bring the cushions in or store them when you are away for long periods.

Sturdy Yet Comfortable Patio Furniture

It is a beautiful day outside, and yet you are cooped up inside because your outdoor furniture is an uncomfortable lumpy mess. Remember the slatted furniture of the past? This is no longer the case with our modern, comfortable outdoor furniture.

  • The cushions of the sofas and lounge chairs last longer because of the high-quality materials and the coatings.
  • As you spend time outdoors, you move from different pieces of furniture depending on your wants and needs. A chair for reading might be in a different configuration than a lounge chair for sunning.


Patio furniture on a shadowy patio | My Patio Life Idaho

Bonus, Indoor Living Outside

  • Once you have decided on the furniture materials and types to get, do not forget about getting shade and storage for the cushions. Both will increase the longevity of your outdoor furniture.
  • You might also include fire pits, heat lamps, and blankets to extend the outdoor season into fall or early spring.


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